The Benefits of Custom Personalized Lanyards as a Promotional Item

For years, individuals across the globe have used lanyards as an essential accessory to keep track of items such as professional badges, small gadgets, and keys that tend to get easily misplaced. In addition, they have been used as a simple transportation device because the fitted hook provides individuals with the perfect tool that allows the easy attachment of small items that can be worn around the neck using the lanyard.

Using Custom Personalized Lanyards as Promotional Items

However, recent times have witnessed the use of custom personalized lanyards as a marketing tool by both small-scale and large-scale organizations. This rapidly growing trend has been attributed to the fact that lanyards are one of the easiest items to customize with a company name, logo, or contact details. Moreover, lanyards make the perfect corporate or promotional gift item as they are cost-effective, durable, and comfortable to wear.

The Benefits of Custom Personalized Lanyards as a Promotional Item

Improve Company Reputation and Increase Competitive Advantage

The most attractive aspect of giving custom lanyards as a promotional gift item is that they can be given to individuals of all ages and sexes. Therefore, companies who give their clients corporate gifts during particular functions can benefit because custom personalized lanyards work as effective tools for the promotion of goodwill for the company, long after the function has ended.

In addition, personalized corporate gifts also work to cement a company’s reputation within a highly competitive market environment. This is because clients who receive personalized corporate gifts tend to gain more respect and admiration for the company. It shows that a company appreciates their business and is willing to use their funds to show this fact.


Compared to other promotional gift items, custom personalized lanyards are less expensive to purchase and the costs incurred when purchasing them in bulk further decreases significantly. this specific aspect of utilizing custom personalized lanyards as a marketing tool is particularly advantageous for small-scale businesses working with a limited advertising budget.

Comfortable, Durable, Practical, and Stylish

Unlike most promotional gift items that tend to fade or get easily worn out, lanyards are notably durable. Moreover, due to the fact that they are both stylish and comfortable to wear, most recipients are more likely to wear them for their practical purposes. In essence, this means that once received, custom personalized lanyards offered as promotional gifts to clients function as an ideal tool for engaging and interacting with new potential clients.


Companies that opt to use lanyards as a marketing tool gain the extra advantage of having an item that is extremely versatile in terms of the material, the type of print, and type of attachment (hooks) that can be used during the manufacturing process. As such, companies can opt for cheap yet durable materials such as nylon and polyester. The custom personalized lanyards can also be woven or dye-sublimated to suit and reflect a business’ brand.

Although giving ordinary gifts to clients may encourage company appreciation, nothing increases company reputation like giving a personalized promotional item because personalisation sets products apart, making those who own them feel that the items they have are more special, or better than what others possess.

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